ASCOT 4:50

Just a small Extract from our Saturday message from today.

Nb There is a proper account bet for full members of in the 3.35 at Haydock


7/2 Majestic Roi, 8/1 Crystany, Ethaara, Francesca D´Gorgio, Illusion, Salsa Steps, Spinning Lucy, 10/1 Meydan Princess, 12/1 Kylayne, Medicea Sidera,
25/1 Ghostmilk, Steam Cuisine, 33/1 Candle Sahara, Monaazalah, Vital Statistics, 66/1 Indian Diva.

* The October Stakes is a fillies Listed race over 7f
* There has only been 7 renewals of this race
* There has been 20 other Listed races for fillies at this time of year
* The 7 winners had 8-5-8-3-7-5-9 previous races
* It does look a race for lightly raced 3 year olds
* Horses with 10 + runs had a 0-47 record
* Horses aged 4 or more had a 0-27 record
* If you look at the 20 Listed races at this time of year
* Only 2 had as much as 13 or more career starts
* Horses aged 3 or 4 with 13 + runs were 0-39
* This leads me to take out all the exposed horses
* MAJESTIC ROI may be vulnerable aged 4 with 15 runs
* She is the best horse on ratings but she isn’t for me
* She is not typical of any previous winner of this race
* I would take out the 4 year olds as they havent won this yet
* All winners of this race had at least 4 runs this season
* In 20 other races horses that had 1-2 runs that year struggled
* No horse managed it with 5 or more career runs (0-30)
* Francesca D´Gorgio fails that
* Horses that came from 7f races with 9 + runs were 0-41
* Spinning Lucy – Candle Sahara both fail that
* I think there are 4 runners with strong profiles
* I like ETHAARA – ILLUSION best of these
* ILLUSION has a very similar profile to 2006 winner Makderah
* She comes from the same race and was badly hampered in that race
* Her trainer has won this race before and at an estimated 14/1 she’s my choice

**blog comment: currently trading a  bit shorter than the Racing Post estimated 14/1.

13.5/1 betfair being the best current price ***

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Hotham Does The Business

Today’s Selection

Ayr 2.55


AYR 2.55 – HBG PROPERTIES HANDICAP (CLASS 4) (3yo+, 0-85) 5f

5/1 Highland Warrior, 11/2 Prince Namid, 6/1 Ice Planet, 7/1 Regal Royale, 9/1 Killer Class,
11/1 Divine Spirit, High Curragh, The Bear, 12/1 Charles Parnell, Hotham, Sandwith, 16/1 John Keats, The Nifty Fox.

This is a 5f sprint handicap for horses rated 0-82 with 20 past renewals of this race. Tougher than it usually is as all horses are experienced enough and have ran enough this year and none have absences. In a race that’s been full of shocks in the past and we don’t have any big negatives today. I would oppose all horses that had ran in Group races before like THE BEAR as all 40 that tried lost. I would take out the horses dropping from 7f or more like CHARLES PARNELL as none won. I would take out all horses that hadn’t won at the distance before like JOHN KEATS. It’s further complicated by the fact many ran in last year’s race. I think I would rather have a horse that ran within the last 2 weeks. The last 4 winners of this race all ran within the previous 7 days. In the last 20 renewals horses with 13 + career runs that didn’t race within a month had a 4-174 record which isn’t very good. I oppose HIGHLAND WARRIOR who was 4th in this last year. He’s the oldest horse yet has the longest absence. There has been 248 of these handicaps in September at all tracks. Look at horses aged 9 or more that didn’t run within 15 days and you find a 1-71 record. That shows HIGHLAND WARRIOR has a tough task. He has done very well to win 2 selling races and a 0-74 but this is tougher and his absence and age is a concern and I feel he will stop winning now and I have to oppose him today.

SANDWITH and HIGH CURRAGH are also exposed horses that haven’t ran within 2 weeks. SANDWITH won’t want the ground as bad as this and all his winning form is on better ground and he is 7lbs higher than his best previous win. You can also argue HIGH CURRAGH wants better ground and there has to be a doubt as to whether he wants 5f especially on this ground. DIVINE SPIRIT is another horse that hasn’t had a very recent race. He had a very recent run before winning this race last year and was on a roll then. Now he comes here without a recent run and off the back of a well beaten run last time much as the draw hurt him. I don’t think he is safe. I don’t want a horse that was beaten so badly as THE NIFTY FOX and I dislike his draw. You can also argue that he wants a smaller field as he is 0-26 in fields of 10 or more runners. It will be interesting to see if the only 3 year old KILLER CLASS runs after running yesterday. He was a bit unlucky yesterday but it was only a 0-68 and this is a 0-82. If you look at 3yo’s in this race they are not brilliant. In fact with 13 or more career starts they are 0-75 and that’s a worry. In 248 other races we know when 3 year olds have 21 or more runs they are 0-104 and although KILLER CLASS doesn’t fail that with 19 runs he is close and I looked at the 248 races for 3 year olds that had a very recent run within 4 days. They had a 0-18 record. Overall I would want to oppose him much as last day runners should never be taken lightly and it is an advantage. KILLER CLASS isn’t for me though.

ICE PLANET is about to win as he is so well handicapped but as he showed at Chester he really wants 6f and he may not get away with it here. This 5f is sharper than the 5f at Chester by almost 1 second and that won’t help him. He should be outpaced. He should be the fastest finisher. Quite whether he can finish well enough to win this is one of the more interesting issues in the race. My gut feeling is he will not be able to do that and he does look the stable second string behind PRINCE NAMID.

PRINCE NAMID last won 28 months ago and has lost all 28 times since then but he is well handicapped and will love conditions. Dandy Nicholls has just bought this horse in July. You have to argue it’s a serious upgrade in stable. He ran him 2 days ago where he must have needed the race after a 73 day absence. He ran well to be 3rd and I don’t doubt that Dandy Nicholls is a far better trainer for this horse but I have two worries. You can look at his recent form in two ways. Firstly will he bounce? He ran very well after a long absence and comes out very quickly and he must be a prime candidate to bounce.

The other side of that coin is whether two runs in almost 3 months is enough to guarantee
fitness on heavy ground over 5f. I would be very worried about that.

REGAL ROYALE is in flying form and at the top of his game. He likes the conditions but he is probably now at the limit of his ability. I would argue Metaphorically that whilst the water isn’t over his head in a race like this its “At his head” and in a 0-82 in a race like this he could possibly drown. I think he is a horse form Class 4 tracks and this could just be a bit above his pay grade.



HOTHAM ran well last time on soft ground and on that run has to be given a massive chance. Whilst all his wins have come on faster ground he has plenty of soft ground form. He doesn’t seem to stay 6f on soft but he does handle soft ground at 5f. Bottom line he caught the eye last time at Doncaster staying on very late in a far better race than this 9 days ago. That’s makes him statistically perfect. That Doncaster race is a good trial race for this and it was soft that day and in another few yards he could have placed. On that form he must have an outstanding chance in this.

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Tuesday’s Only Bet

Beverley 2.00


If you want a saver in the race I would suggest Whozart. You may remember
I went with Wicked Wilma last time but didnt make her a Full Bet as she had
a dodgy draw. She ran well just behind Whozart and I left that race convinced
she would win soon. I want to make her a selection today as I feel I can find
several reasons why her opponents will not win this. She is drawn 15 and that
could be an advantage or disadvantage. We just do not know based on evidence
at Beverley this year. If low numbers are favoured then she will struggle like
the other fancied high numbers. If high numbers are favoured we are in business.


5/1 Dubai To Barnsley, Monte Major, Myriola, 6/1 Whozart, 7/1 Mormeatmic,
10/1 Missus Molly Brown, 14/1 Gelert, 16/1 Morristown Music, Wicked Wilma,
20/1 Head To Head, Miss Taboo, 25/1 Captain Turbot, Fan Club, The Cube,
33/1 Sunley Sovereign, 50/1 Height Of Esteem

This is a 5f handicap for 0-50 rated horses. Its an outrageously hard race and it will
not be easy to get the winner but the reason I preview it is WICKED WILMA who
was my selection the other day. I almost made her an account bet but I just prefered
Superior Star that day who won thankfully and because the draw put me off her. I
am adamant that WICKED WILMA will win soon and although I initially put a Line
through this race I looked at the first few in the market and found good reasons to
oppose them all and as she is a really tasty price I decided to go with WICKED WILMA.

* September has seen 95 of these 5f handicaps since 1992
* DUBAI TO BARNSLEY comes from a 3yo handicap
* Horses that came from 3yo handicaps over 5f last time were 1-65
* It’s a disadvantage taking on older horses and I want to oppose him
* MYRIOLA does the same thing and is also opposable
* She is too exposed for a 3 year old as well and I dont want her
* MONTE MAJOR is 0-20 on Grass and has no form on ground this bad
* I think he is from a fast ground sire and this may be a bit soft for him
* MORMEATIC only problems are the 35 day absence and middle draw
* On this ground I wouldnt want an absence like that
* You have to argue that whatever the draw advantage here its not stall 7
* I dont want MISSUS MOLLY BROWN a filly with 4 runs this year
* That doesnt look like a horse fit enough to win this
* Fillies with 5 + career star but under 5 runs that year were 1-103
* MORRISTOWN MUSIC has been absent 56 days and thats vile
* Since 1997 horses absent 7 weeks or more were 0-111
* None of the 95 winners went 20 or more runs without a win
* HEAD TO HEAD has done that and only comes from sellers
* MISS TABOO also fails that and is a filly with a 0-22 record
* She only comes from maiden and looks very beatable
* CAPTAIN TURBOT comes from a 3yo handicap
* Horses that did that with under 9 runs that year were 1-101
* Horses from 3yo handicaps that lost by 4 + lengths also struggled
* These horses had a 0-94 record and he is hard to fancy
* FAN CLUB has a 39 day breal which is certainly no advantage
* He has also never run at 5f before and that must hurt him
* HEIGHT OF ESTEEM surely cant be fit with 2 runs since August 07
* SUNLEY SOVEREIGN surely cant be fit with 1 run since September 07
* THE CUBE has a long break and has a 0-17 career record
* I think I have offered sound reasons why these horses may lose
* The race at HAMILTON 11 Days ago interests me
* WHOZART looks to have a very solid chance in this
* GELERT must also have a chance and is respected
* Its WICKED WILMA that I like best
* She has a usefull weight pull with both Whozart and Gelert
* I think the draw hurt her last time at Hamilton
* At Beverley before that she again had the worst draw
* She was also out of the weights in a much better race than this
* She still ran really well and wasnt knocked about once beaten
* Her previous run at Catterick was also interesting
* That was in a slightly better class 0-60 contest
* She again had the worst draw but she finished really well in 4th
* The Racing Post suggested she was one to “Take out of the race”
* Have to agree with that as she finished very fast like a knife through butter
* She sould have been a fast finishing 3rd that day
* Before that at Thirsk she stumbled early losing all chance
* That left her marooned in the middle of the track
* She was away from all the advantaged horses and it was a 0-72
* She was badly drawn before that at Ayr and hampered again
* She started the season rated 66 and is now down to 49
* She would have won at Musselburgh were it not for overweight
* WICKED WILMA is a very interesting bet today


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Racing Tip For Saturday 6th September

Mathematician 162

Saturday 6th September

2 Account Bets in the 7.50pm Full Members Only

1 Further Selection in the 7.20pm

Todays Other Non-Account Selection

Wolverhampton 7.20


Win Bet

( blog comment: 16/1 earlier when advised to full members best now as I type 14/1 bet365, betfred , betfair )

The weather has destroyed the Turf Racing today but I like Wolves tonight. GARSTANG (7.20pm) is not an account bet its just a normal selection but at 16/1 well worth a bet. The Racing Post suggest it hasnt been shaping like it was about to win but I disagree and tipped it recently when a non runner and I have seen three races its run recently that suggests to me its about to win somewhere and I think this is a big chance and only the competetiveness of the race stops me making him a Full bet.


T O D A Y ‘ S R A C I N G



5/1 Ryedane, Shakespeare´s Son, 6/1 All You Need, Littledodayno, 8/1 Cool Sands, 10/1 Back In The Red, Morse, 14/1 Danzig Fox, Grimes Faith, 16/1 Garstang, Hamaasy, Royal Challenge, 33/1 Sion Hill.


This is a 0-61 handicap just short of 6f. Wolverhampton have had 31 of these races in September. I think you need an experienced horse with at least 13 runs as 29 of
the 31 winners had that (others 2-72) and I also think you need many runs this year. Horses that didnt have at least 7 runs that year had a 2-109 record. A Good recent run is important as well. You dont really want a horse thats come here off the back of a poor run. I wanted to oppose SHAKESPEARS SON who is one of only 2 that have to come from 5f. He looks underraced and I dont want a horse coming from a 3yo handicap with Topweight. I thought he had a weak profile. I am also going to oppose HAMAASY who looks underraced and has the longest absence to overcome
when the joint oldest horse. SION HILL didnt run well enough last time and neither did GRIMES FAITH. The other 5f horse BACK IN THE RED looks underraced this year and I dont want him. DANZIG FOX looks to have a weak profile as the least experienced runner. I dont want MORSE from the draw. COOL SANDS is not for me drawn in stall 1 having had just 1 runs since July. There will be a lot fitter
horses that him today. ROYAL CHALLENGE wouuldnt be my first choice. I dont want LITTLEDODAYNO whose the only filly in the race. In the 31 races here at Wolverhampton in September fillies that had 9st 6lbs or more had a bad 0-42 record . LITTLEDODAYNO won last time in a key piece of form as she beat RYEDANE half a length and ALL YOU NEED a couple of lengths over Course and Distance last week. Both RYEDANE and ALL YOU NEED are better off at the weights today. Watching the tape I think ALL YOU NEED may just be the weaker of the trio and I think RYEDANE may come out best today. However its G A R S T A N G that is my main interest in this race.

I tipped GARSTANG at Chester a couple of weeks ago when he was a Non runner. I felt at the time that his stable were in form – he was well handicapped. His sand mark has dropped 15lbs this year. GARSTANG had been catching my eye on tape recently having been running himself fit. He really caught my eye at Pontefract two runs ago in a
0-75 handicap where he badly missed the break and was repeatedly stopped in running and finished so well he was capable of far more. I fancied him at Chester but he did not run as rain came down. I swerved him last time out at Lingfield as it was a 0-80 handicap and just out of his depth but his run wasnt without promise. Two furlongs out he was in last place as he had been all race but he came late and made some ground up without being knocked about and I thought that was another encouraging run in a far better race than this contest. This is now a 0-67 contest and a big drop in class for a horse thats won over course
and distance. Not keen on the stable but he is drawn well and at his price GARSTANG should be given the chance to show he’s coming into form. Look at it this way. This is a
Class 6 race. GARSTANGS last 33 races have been in Higher Class. His record in Class 6 when not having a long absence is 8 W W W 2 W 4 2 and some of those defeats are excusable. He has to be worth a bet.

Check For Best Prices at

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What’s The Idea of the Bet Doctor Area?

What’s The Idea of the Bet Doctor Area?

Quite simply Bet Doctor is an area where we plan to solve your problems and answer your questions about betting on horses.

Each month we intend to answer here a user submitted question.

Who ever asks the question of the month will win a three month subscription to our private service at

What sort of questions do we want to answer here?

That’s down to you really.

As long as they relate to horse racing or betting that is cool by us.

Perhaps you want to know horse racing stats of some sort.

You may have a racing system theory you would like proved or disproved.

Perhaps you may want a deeper understanding of some aspect of the sport of racing.

It may be a more technical betting question.

Smart people ask questions to fill the gaps in their knowledge.

Dumb people, well they stay dumb and pretend they know everything already.

Don’t be a dummie.

Ask a good question and possibly win a great prize if your question is chose to be answered here.

Please send your questions to the webmaster email address you will find at the page below

Please title the email … Bet Doctor

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