The Cambridgeshire 2016

“Difficult but not impossible” were Guy’s words to full members here today with regards to The Cambridgeshire at Newmarket on Saturday.

As I type I see SportingLife cite 86 runners remain. That will get culled down to 30 odd shortly.

Only after that happens will it merit looking at individual runners.

[ Unless of course you are some form of masochist

who enjoys spending time assessing 46 non runners. ]


But what Guy did put out today were some stats relative to the race in general.

The last time he looked at this race was in 2014.

Back then the same style of stats led him to his own shortlist of two.

These finished 1st and 3rd. The winner was 20/1 when pointed out.

His base race stats for this year are up on a free to view page at






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