Each Way Bet Robbery

With helping to run a horse racing site I am in a better position than many to hear about things that irk and annoy racing punters.  A lot of the same things annoy me too.

One regular little annoyance is when a non runner scuppers my each way bet.

For example I place an each way bet on an eight runner race that will payout if my horse finishes 1st , 2nd or 3rd.

What Happens?

The law of Sod- that’s what.

Some no hoper horse gets withdrawn then with seven runners there are only two places.

My horse comes third.

The bookmaker keeps my money.

Despite being aware of the risk of such stuff I still can’t help feeling a bit gubbed and cheated by the system.

But is there a way to fix this and create a world where less punters have to experience that bad feeling?

I believe so and I sense future  hope as I ranted about in our free newsletter today.

I have stuck a copy on line at this link

eachway scuppering bookmaker rules





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Cesarewitch Past Winner Profiling

If you have an interest in the Cesarewitch at Newmarket next Saturday note that Guy has done a bit of advance research profiling previous race winners.

I have just sent it out via our free newsletter.

An online copy of it may be viewed here

=>  Cesarewitch Statistics


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