Caspian Cup Stats

It was another good major race weekend last weekend
with Guy highlighting Walk The Mill at 16/1 for the Becher Chase.
That followed Sizing Tennesse at similar odds the week before in the Hennessy.

Copies of his exact stats, analysis and thought train to arrive there were in this and last weeks free newsletters.

I know many will never see beyond the idea of “give me a tip for today” but hopefully a small percentage of you with a desire to learn to fend for themselves  will see benefit in examining how experienced racing analyst Guy tackled his analysis of those two recent major races.

This weeks free news also provided a few starter stats for this Saturday’s Caspian Gold Cup at Cheltenham.

Here are the links

Last Weeks Free Newsletter


This Weeks Free Newsletter




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Beecher Chase Age Stats And More


I can’t believe it has been so long since I posted up on this blog.

Time flies and I have been busy over on the main Mathematician site I guess.

I must find a way to spur myself on to do more here in future.

Perhaps some form of electronic device that includes  sparky high powered batteries and a countdown timer that resets on each blog post.

Get some  some wires connected to my testicles and hey presto  we have an effective  “better do a blog post soon” motivation device.

Perhaps that may do the trick.

Dragons Den here I come.

No doubt that when presented with such genius the dragons will be fighting to throw millions at my invention.

Phase 2 then would be product development.

That would be an improved device with the ability to apply the testicular charge remotely using suped up wireless charging technology, to any bookmaker trader who seemed to think 37 pence is a reasonable maximum  stake to offer a punter.

Who would like to buy one 🙂

I will gladly give the first 500 beta testers here the product at cost price.


Anyhow getting back on track to racing and away from Christmas roast chestnuts

I am going to point you over to an online copy of today’s free newsletter rant.

There is a bit of a mix and match of stuff inside.

For starters there is detail on Beecher Chase Ages Stats that you may find of use for Saturday.

Also a look back at last weeks Hennessy and a few points of possible learning to extract from it.

Plus there is a  rant on so called glowing testimonials you may see on some racing sites.

Bar the Beecher stuff which is obviously time sensitive to tomorow, most of the rest is less so and should still be as idioticaly useless  in six months time as it is today.

Teaching grandmother to suck eggs for a few of you but hopefully beneficial enlightenment to some others.


Here is the link

==>  More Fishy Than A Sushi Bar


Best Wishes










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