Cheltenham Gold Cup – Early Analysis

Below is a snippet from our Full member message of yesterday
in which Guy was having an early look at this year's
Cheltenham Gold Cup.

I thought I would post it up here in case any
of you blog readers had an interest.

Note as well that it has been tradition over the past 
few years to also post up here on the blog his 
final judgement Gold Cup Analysis. 

Typically this will be on the morning of the race.
This year we will probably do the same.
I temper it with the "probably" only because
one can never guarantee how things will pan out.
Cheltenham non runner no bet markets do give
a certain comfort to slightly earlier than day of the race 
betting.There is always a chance that Guy may spy a degree of 
extra edge from earlier Gold Cup advice for our full members.
eg say for example there was a change in predicted going for 
Gold Cup day two days before the race. Perhaps under NRNB it 
may be shrewd to take the current price on a going suited 
horses instead of waiting for two days
when it will likely be shorter.

Hence "probably" here on Gold Cup day :)

The best spot to be of course is in as a full member for 
Cheltenham month.

We will actually be doing a cheap offer deal as we 
have done in past years.
Many major festival only types come back year 
after year for the Cheap Cheltenham month deal.

Drop me an email if you want more info


Today I wanted to make some progress

On the Cheltenham Gold Cup

Which is now just 16 days away

Cheltenham Gold Cup

9/2 Clan Des Obeaux 9/1 Presenting Percy
6/1 Native River 11/1 Kemboy 14/1 Might Bite
16/1 Thistlecrack 20/1  Al Boum Photo
25/1 Road To Respect 33/1 Elegant Escape
33/1 Shattered Love

If you go back to 1999

19 renewals
17 of the 19 winners
Shared the following profile

1) Under 10 years old
2) Under 15 Chase runs
3) Absent more than 4 weeks
4) Coming from a Graded race
5) Starting under 10/1 last time
6) Under 21 lifetime runs
7) Starting 20/1 or shorter

19 renewals since 1999
75 horses had this profile
17 of these won the race

Horses with this profile

Presenting Percy
Shattered Love
Elegant Escape

Just looking at that shortlist
KEMBOY would be my preference

I would not use this profile religiously
It would only take minor adjustments
And I could add other horses to the list
Take the example of Al Boum Photo
Just ran in Listed class not Graded class
I could easily forgive a few horses angles
Road To Respect could have got there


Wanted to have a look at the main runners
Listed some of their positives + negatives
And see where we ended up at the end

9/2 Clan Des Obeaux 9/1 Presenting Percy
6/1 Native River 11/1 Kemboy 14/1 Might Bite
16/1 Thistlecrack 20/1  Al Boum Photo
25/1 Road To Respect 33/1 Elegant Escape
33/1 Shattered Love

Number of Chase runs

22 Frodon
21 Bristol De Mai
18 Definitly Red
15 Native River
15 Road To Respect
14 Anibale Fly
13 Might Bite
13 Clan Des Obeaux
11 Elegant Escape
11 Shattered Love
9 Bellshill
8 Thistlecrack
8 Kemboy
7 Al Boum Photo
5 Presenting Percy

This is an illustration
Of how exposed the main runners are

The Previous 23 Gold Cup winners
Had the following career chase runs

12 9 18 3 9 5 8 5 9 20 8 10 11
12 9 6 10 13 12 7 10 11 11

21 of the 23 last Gold Cup winners
Had under 15 previous chase runs


22 Chase runs
Just looks too exposed


21 Chase runs
Just looks too exposed

18 Chase runs
Not in line with almost all winners


15 Chase starts is forgiveable
But he has had 23 lifetime starts
Only 1 of the previous 20 winners
Had more than 20 lifetimes starts
He did win the race last season
Only 4 of the last 50 winners
Followed up and won this again
Will one or two improve past him
Can he repeat previous heroics
When the ground may not be soft


11 years old
Horses aged 10 or more
Have a very poor  record
They are 0-75 since 1999
They are 1-104 since 1992
He has also had 23 lifetime starts
Only 1 of the previous 20 winners
Had more than 20 lifetimes starts
Has not won a race since 2016


10 years old
Horses aged 10 or more
Have a very poor  record
They are 0-75 since 1999
They are 1-104 since 1992
Flopped on his two runs this season


5 Chase runs
You can win this with 5
Interrupted Season
Just 1 run this year (hurdles)


Has a 27 day absence
Horses running in the Gold Cup
Running in the previous 32 days
Have a 0-63 record since 1997
Has a stamina problem as well
Horses sired by Kapgarde
Running in Listed and Graded races
Racing over 3m 1f and more
Have a 0-15 record so far


Not a certain runner
Horses running in the Gold Cup
Running in the previous 32 days
Have a 0-63 record since 1997
The last 17 winners of this race
Had won a Grade 1 race and he hasn't
He has had 22 lifetime starts
Only 1 of the previous 20 winners
Had more than 20 lifetimes starts


She is a mare
Official Ratings have her way behind
Big price if you wanted to risk her


Defied his pedigree before
Can't be ruled out with 11 chase runs
But flat bred and just can't have the pedigree

Leaning more towards these horses


He is a 7yo
Has raced just once this season
Past 7yo Gold Cup winners
Had raced 3 5 4 4 3 4 times that year
Worried about a 7yo with 1 run
That is my only problem with him
Two recent winners had 1 run that year
Thats a positive but none were 7yo's
He is also coming from a sire
Without a winner over this far


He is a 7yo
Maybe fast improving
But Past 7yo Gold Cup winners
Had raced 3 5 4 4 3 4 times that year
Kemboy has raced only twice
Sire has no wins yet over 3m 2f +


Backed him at 50/1 some time ago
Seen as not a certain runner


15 Chase runs is acceptable
Finished a decent 4th in 2018 race
Connections say he wants it soft
His numbers don't really prove this
Stamina may be an issue sired by Gamut
His sires runners in Class 4 or higher
None have yet won beyond 3m 1f (0-13)
I would not rule him out on the above


9 Chase runs is good
21 lifetime runs is the maximum
Only 1 of the previous 20 winners
Had more than 20 lifetimes starts

Provisional Shortlist

AL BOUM PHOTO 20/1 (WP Mullins)
KEMBOY 10/1 (WP Mullins)
BELLSHILL 14/1 (WP Mullins)

Obviously things can change
May have a completely different view later
But these 5 horses interested me most

4 of the 5 shortlisted
Are trained by Willie Mullins

Can't find any prices yet
Just for Mullins to win this race
But that could be an option later on

This list could be whittled down
Invitation Only may run elsewhere

Obviously the biggest headache
Not knowing the stable pecking order
But looking at this experimental shortlist
Looking at the prices and frame of race

If the race was being run today
I would probably stake it this way

£2.50 Each Way KEMBOY 10/1
£2.50 Each Way BELLSHILL 14/1

The race is not being run today
There is still much we do not know
Such as ground and running plans
Still clinging on for the vain hope
That we may be offered 4 places
I don't think we will get that though

But this is where I am with the race

No final selection ( just yet )

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Eider Chase Ante Post Preview

Below is a bit of early analysis Guy sent to full members yesterday.

The Future Betting Angles sub section of his daily full member messages

contains regular bits and bobs of ante post related thought.

Yesterday his eyes were fixed on the Eider Chase.

I guess you could consider this phase one early work.

He will dig deeper into the race closer to the off.

It was an easy snippet to copy and paste up here

so I thought I would share it with you in case you had any interest in the race yourself.


Ante Post

Saturday February 23rd



Daklondike 10/1 Ballydine 12/1 Calett Mad 12/1
Folsom Blue 12/1 Shades of Midnight 12/1
Kilkishen 12/1 Skipthescales 12/1 Baywing 12/1
Jammin Masters 12/1 Ange des Malberaux 12/1
Back To The Thatch 12/1 Beware The Bear 12/1
Big River 14/1 The Last Samuri 14/1 Yala Enki 14/1
Cogry 14/1 Dinnie's Vinnie 16/1 Chef d'Oeuvre 16/1
Crosspark 16/1 Sharp Response 16/1 Missed Approach16/1
Just Your Type 16/1 West of The Edge 16/1 Takingrisks 16/1
Raz de Maree 20/1 Geronimo 20/1 Rock On Fruity  20/1
Vicente 20/1 Harry The Viking 20/1 Otago Trail 20/1
Red Infantry 20/1 Kimberlite Candy 20/1 Progress Drive  25/1
Lovely Job 25/1 Regal Flow 25/1 Zerachiel 25/1
Prime Venture 25/1 Donna's Diamond 25/1 Potters Corner 25/1
Little Bruce 33/1 Chic Name 33/1 Morney Wing 33/1
Sideways  33/1 Total Assets 33/1 Courtown Oscar 33/1
Shelford 33/1 Mysteree 33/1 Two Smokin Barrels 40/1
Kilcullen Flem 50/1 Court Frontier 50/1 Newtown Lad  66/1
Crank Em Up 80/1

4m Handicap Chase

One of my favourite races

52 horses are entered in this

Running plans not yet clear

Today I want to eliminate a few

Coming from different blocks of horses


Based on recent renewals
The following horses are rated too low
And probably will not make the cut

Total Assets 33/1
Sideways  33/1
Kilcullen Flem 50/1
Court Frontier 50/1
Newtown Lad  66/1
Crank Em Up 80/1


Horses aged 14 + have never won
The last winner aged 13 was 1987
The last winner aged 12 was 1995

14 year olds

Raz de Maree 20/1 is rejected
Harry The Viking 20/1 is rejected

12 year olds

Handicap Chases since 1998
Any Time of year
3m 6f or more
Class 2 or higher
Look at horses aged 12 or more
They have a miserable 1-188 record
That was Amberleigh House in the National

Regal Flow 25/1 is a 12yo
Folsom Blue 25/1 is a 12yo


Past winners
Had these Chase runs
7 7 11 8 11 5 5 7 13 21 9 7 13 13 8

If you look at the last 16 winners
15 of these had under 14 career starts

The following horses
All look exposed and vulnerable

Number of Chase runs

39 Harry The Viking
35 Morney Wing
31 Raz de Maree
30 Folsom Blue
29 Cogry
26 Dinnie's Vinnie
25 Regal Flow
24 Rock On Fruity
23 Court Frontier
23 West of The Edge
22 Yala Enki
20 Vicente
19 The Last Samuri


All past winners since 1997
Were rated 140 or lower

Yala Enki is rated 156
Tough ask when short of runs
Otago Trail 20/1 is rated 152
Beware The Bear 12/1 is rated 151
He will fail breeding stats as well
Daklondike is rated 148
Thats 8lbs more than all past winners
He is not the best aged anyway as a 7yo
You can argue he is underraced this season
Baywing 12/1 is rated 147
I see him as underraced explained later
Calett Mad 12/1 is rated 147
Thats far more than all past winners
Not safe as a 7yo with an absence
Missed Approach 16/1 is rated 145
He has raced just once this season


If you look at past winners
How many races they had ran
Since August 1st that season
They had 4 2 3 5 3 3 5 2 5 3 4 4 6 7 7 4 3 6 6 runs

In the last at 19 renewals
17 of the 19 winners had 3 + runs that year
19 of the 19 winners had 2 + runs that year

Horses rejected
With just 1 run this season

Missed Approach 16/1
Zerachiel 25/1
Courtown Oscar 33/1

Horses rejected
With just 2 runs this season

Kilcullen Flem
Big River
Harry The Viking
Beware The Bear
The Last Samuri
Lovely Job
Yala Enki
Progress Drive


Past winners had these Chase runs
7 7 11 8 11 5 5 7 13 21 9 7 13 13 8
No winners had under 5 chase starts

Just Your Type 16/1 has 3 chase runs
Skipthescales 12/1 has 2 chase runs


Don't want to risk a horse
Out of form and not running well enough
This pair look vulnerable on this angle
Shelford 33/1
Mysteree 33/1

Back To The Thatch 10/1

He may be the ante post favourite
But there are breeding stats against him

Worries me his sire is Westerner

Horses sired by Westerner
Running in Class 2 or higher
Have a 0-55 record over 3m 2f and more
Back To The Thatch fails this statistic

Little Bruce is 7 years old
Only 2 winners aged 7 won since 1997
Horses aged 7 won in 1998 and 2012
They both ran within the last 3 weeks
Little Bruce does not do that

This leaves the following horses
Who have not yet failed a major angle
Several of these will not be running

Early Shortlist

Ballydine 12/1
Shades of Midnight 12/1
Kilkishen 12/1
Jammin Masters 12/1
Ange des Malberaux 12/1
Chef d'Oeuvre 16/1
Crosspark 16/1
Sharp Response 16/1
Takingrisks 16/1
Geronimo 20/1
Red Infantry 20/1
Kimberlite Candy 20/1
Prime Venture 25/1
Donna's Diamond 25/1
Potters Corner 25/1
Chic Name 33/1
Two Smokin Barrels 40/1

Can pick this up again soon

Feels a race we can get sorted






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Irish Horse Racing

Last weekend saw uk racing cancelled due to the equine flu.

Irish horse racing continued however.

I suggested in last week’s free newsletter that this could actually bring benefit.

Without the usual excess glut of Saturday racing and instead just one single Irish

meeting to ponder vision could be more focused.

This panned out as predicted.

See copy of last weeks Saturday message below.



Mathematician 3143
Saturday February 9th

8 Races Discussed
0 Account Bet
1 Highlighted Bet

Highlighted Account


Naas 3.40

£2.50 Each Way COMMANDANT 14/1 [2nd]

£2.50 Each Way GLENDAARS WARRIOR 14/1

1/4 the odds

1-2-3-4-5 Places

7 places – William Hill
6 places – Skybet Paddy Power Unibet
5 Places – Most other firms
4 Places – Bet365 Spbet


Betting The Message

Naas is the only show in town
Have to make the best of things
Whilst the industry is disrupted

Covered all 8 races on the card
Some races require guesswork
Not all are particularly friendly
Many wouldn’t normally be here
But without a normal schedule
Just hope we get enough right

Going with 1 highlighted bet
Two big priced bets each way

Only need 1 of these to place
And we will not lose any money
There are 5 available places
As many as 7 with William Hill
Worth a try on 1 card Saturday




Naas 12.40

1/3 City Island, 4/1 Chavi Artist, 16/1 An Fraoch Mor,
20/1 Seeyouinvinnys, 25/1 The Echo Boy, 33/1 Cadougarde,
33/1 Edelweis De L’aube, 66/1 Doyen’s Diva,
100/1 Farranreigh.

2m 3f Novice Hurdle

CITY ISLAND is long odds on
His form has been boosted as well
Difficult to oppose impossible to bet

Interested in what finishes placed

CHAVI ARTIST is 2nd favourite
Every other horse is 20/1 and more
Based on his Racing Post Ratings
You’d expect him to finish second here
But he had shown nothing before that
He was 100/1 and unconsidered last time
Maybe that performance flattered him

THE  ECHO BOY ran well last time
It was his hurdling debut over 2m 4f
He faced 3 very decent prospects last time
He was in front round the final bend
Understandable he faded after that
He started only 10/1 to win that race
He might just nick one of the places here

CITY ISLAND should win
But as he is so short a price
Have to go into Novelty markets


THE  ECHO BOY 28/1-33/1 [2nd]

Novelty markets are in play here

The Each Way single 28/1
Pays 9/4 if he is 1st 2nd 3rd

Or just have a Place Bet at 9/4
Or bet him Without The Favourite

In Betfairs 4 Places available Market
The Echo Boy is  reasonable at 11/10
Thats fair behind a long odds on fav



Naas 1.10

15/8 Debuchet, 11/4 Sky Marshal, 13/2 Drop The Anchor,
7/1 Emily Moon, 7/1 Empire Escape, 10/1 Cool Getaway,
12/1 Pont Aven, 16/1 Prosecution, 20/1 Road Warrior,
33/1 Circling Moon, 50/1 King Alex, 50/1 Pat Coyne,
66/1 The Longest Time, 66/1 Arthur’s Quay, 66/1 Cray,
100/1 Odds Or Evens, Onefortherose, 100/1 An Marcach,
100/1 Daisy’s Hollow, Darling Days, 100/1 Dubaimolly,
100/1 Ladymorata, Our Big Red, Rosmarine, Sharp As A Pin.

2m Maiden Hurdle

DEBUCHET sets a high standard
We can not know if he will repeat it
Had some smart form last season
Made Cheltenham’s Supreme Novice
Where he was only beaten 12 lengths
He has yet to win in 6 hurdle runs
But has been highly tried in those
Has not been seen since September
DEBUCHET has a neutral profile
Closest 15 horses to try with his profile
Were all beaten but none were fancied

There are no strong profiles
No fancied negative profiles either
Comes down to trusting the stable
The trainers record is not convincing
Her record between January and April
Over hurdle and over fences
She has never trainer an absent winner
DEBUCHET is said to want good ground
Possible excuses for last 2 performances

SKY MARSHAL was an option
He is a pretty exposed flat horses
He faces some National Hunt types
Who are capable of improving fast
Was not convinced he was the danger
There are no safe each way options
DEBUCHET may be best as the saver
EMILY MOON has ran two decent races
Didn’t get home last time over 2m 4f
When she jumped the 2nd last in front
Giving her a chance with the saver


Small Stakes

£6.50 Win Bet EMILY MOON 6/1 [WON]

£3.50 Win Bet DEBUCHET 2/1 [2nd]



Naas 1.40

2/1 Advantage Point, 9/4 All For Joy, 4/1 Fauguernon,
6/1 Royal Thief, 12/1 Vipers Nest, 14/1 Pairc Na Ngael,
16/1 You Can Call Me Al, 25/1 Take A Turn, 33/1 Bigger And Better
33/1 Montagne D’Argent, 40/1 Western Doyen, 50/1 Alcatraz,
50/1 Lilly Banner, Melman, Rock Samphire, 66/1 Bizzario,
66/1 Greanta, Nam, 66/1  No Way Jack, 66/1 Rainbow Pride,
100/1 Rio De Cerisy, 100/1 Bellaney Gem, Ricky Langford,
100/1 Rio Gold, Soft Focus.

2m Maiden hurdle

There looks a lot of dead wood

Racing Post Hurdle Ratings

124 Advantage Point
117 All For Joy
104 Advantage Point
102 Fauguernon

Two horses are well clear
Based on their hurdle ratings

But they face some smart prospects
ROYAL THIEF is an unraced 5yo
YOU CAN CALL ME AL is unraced
No reason why they can not win

FAUGUERON appears well backed
But he fails the following statistic

2m Maiden Hurdles
Horses aged 6
Running within 15 days
Beaten over 15 lengths last time
Return a 0-156 record

FAUGUERON has this 0-156 profile
PAIRC NA NGAEL shares this 0-156 profile

Both horses only just fail this
Having recent and heavy defeats
But they do both fail it
FAUGUERON is hardly safe anyway
Having raced once since 2017

Find it hard to commit to these
Against 2 established hurdle runners
VIPERS NEST is a hurdling debutant
Has yet to show enough to select him

ROYAL THIEF is unraced
He may be the biggest threat
But if you look at his sire Fame and Glory
His Hurdlers are only 4-63 so far
His unraced runners are yet to win a hurdle

Drawn most to experienced hurdlers

Either of these two horses
Could be each way singles at 5/2
They are difficult to read and split
So playing the race this way


£7 Win Bet ALL FOR JOY 9/4 [2nd]

£3 Win Bet ADVANTAGE POINT 11/4 [WON 5/1 SP]



Naas 2.10

4/6 Pravalaguna, 4/1 Synopsis, 7/1 Mrs Lovett,
8/1 Teacher’s Pet, 10/1 Baie Des Iles,
50/1 Echoes Of Family, 200/1 Miss Titanic.

Listed Mares Chase

PRAVALAGUNA may be odds on
But she is the only horse in the race
Who did not disappoint last time out

SYNOPSIS has some decent numbers
But Pulled up jumping badly last time out
She is unsafe as it was only 15 days ago
BAIE DES LLES also pulled up last time
Down in distance by 1m 5f puts me off her

TEACHER’S PET should run well
MRS LOVETT has a small chance too
PRAVALAGUNA looks more progressive
Makes no real appeal at the price
But there is no safe alternative
With 7 runners limiting other options



Win Bet



Naas 2.40

6/4 Konitho, 3/1 Band Of Outlaws,
4/1 Coko Beach, 13/2 Maze Runner,
10/1 Elysian Plains, 16/1 Havingagoodtime.

4yo Hurdle
Lack of available evidence
The race is complicated further
Joseph O’Brien runs two horses
They are the 1st and 2nd favourites

KONITHO won here last time out
Subsequently bought by JP McManus
Deserves to be favourite on that win
But he had a 232 day absence beforehand
He comes back to the track just 13 days later
Raising the possibility he could well bounce
Impossible to know that before the race
That threat and a lack of other evidence
Pushes me more towards his stablemate
BAND OF OUTLAWS was smart on the flat
He has had two decent hurdle races
He won nicely last time in a big field
I would rather be with him each way


BAND OF OUTLAWS 11/4 – 3/1 [WON]

Each Way

1/4 Odds (2 Places)



Naas 3.10

5/1 Scoir Mear, 11/2 Bilbo Bagins,
6/1 Nellie Pledge, 6/1 Peculiar Genius, 6/1 Velocity Boy,
13/2 Roaring Bull, 7/1 Ask Nile, 14/1 Close Shave,
16/1 Spancil Hill, 20/1 Runyon Rattler, 33/1 Marakoush.

2m 4f Handicap Chase
February has 100 similar races

Number of Chase runs

12 Velocity Boy
11 Spancil Hill
10 Close Shave
10 Scoir Mear
8 Bilbo Bagins
8 Ask Nile
5 Peculiar Genius
4 Marakoush
4 Runyon Rattler
4 Roaring Bull
4 Nellie Pledge

VELOCITY BOY is topweight rated 130
His profile is a long way from safe
Well beaten last time over 3m 5f
Not for me dropping down over a mile
MARAKOUSH looks outclassed
BILBO BAGINS has just 1 run this year
He is the only horse that has this problem
He also has the longest absence as well
Wanted more recent runs for a 10yo
CLOSE SHAVE has raced twice this year
One fall and one heavy defeat last time
Not convinced of form or fitness
SPANCIL HILL has the same  problem
Not enough promise in 2 runs this year
RUNYON RATTLER lacks positives

ASK NILE has been hurdling
Has not raced over fences in months
Can’t rule him out but a tough weight
For a horse trying to get career back on track
Another worry is the trainer
Just 7 career winners in several years
The last of these was 636 days ago

SCOIR MEAR is a 9 year old
Running ok but yet to win over fences
I don’t see an outstanding profile

Horses aged 8 or more
Horses coming from 3m races
Completing in that 3m race
Absent more than 33 days
Have a 0-34 record in similar races
Might pop up and is down in class
But wasn’t particularly drawn to him

ROARING BULL is 6 with 4 Chase runs
He is one of the least exposed horses
His trainer described him as disappointing
Thatrs a bit harsh after just 4 chases
When he has won and placed in those
His last run was easily his worst yet
I would consider him as a saver bet

NELLIE PLEDGE is a lightly raced mare
Fell in a Graded Chase last time
But had previously won a handicap easily
That was a good win 2 races ago
She was stepping up a mile in distance
Given she is the joint least exposed
She may well be able to bounce back

Main problem with his profile
He comes up from a 2m race
But that was only a hurdle race
So happy to forgive him that
Flat bred type may yet improve
I like the fact he is unexposed
And one of the youngest horses


Small Stakes

£4 Each Way PERCULIAR GENIUS 6/1 [L]

£2 Win Bet NELLIE PLEDGE  7/1 [L]



Naas 3.40

6/1 Empire Burleque, Thereisnodoubt, 8/1 Cappuccino Man,
8/1 Commandant, 8/1 Glendaars Warrior, 9/1 She’s Made It,
10/1 Eviscerating, 12/1 William Of Wykeham, 14/1 Leave Your Mark,
14/1 Wade Harper, 16/1 Lake Malawi, 20/1 Punches Pious,
20/1 Roachdale House, Trenchtown Rock, Write It Down,
25/1 Captain Courageous, 25/1 Tashman, 33/1 Coral Blue,
33/1 Rathbride Prince, Skeaping, 40/1 Easy Cash D’alex,
50/1 Opportunity Knox, 50/1 Liclash.

2m Handicap Hurdle

Previous winners of this race
Were aged 13 7 9 7 6 9 8
No 4 or 5 year olds have won

This may be significant

Naas Handicap Hurdles
Any distance
Any Class
There are 19 of these races
17 of the 19 winners were aged 6-7-8-9

Horses aged 4 are 0-12
Horses aged 5 are 1-35

January February March
Naas Handicap Hurdles
Any distance
Any Class

There are 55 of these races
Horses aged 4 or 5 won 8 of them

Since 2016 they are 0-43
None won with over 10 hurdle runs
Those with 11st 4lbs or more are 0-21
Those with 10st 13lbs or more are 1-46

Certain younger horses
Have to be opposed in this race

WRITE IT DOWN is a 5yo
He is unsuitable from a maiden hurdle
Having so much weight hurts him too
OPPURTUNITY ROCKS is wrong aged 5
TASHMAN is opposed as a 4 year old
WILLIAM OF WYKEHAM is a 4 year old
Weak profile from a maiden hurdle
Coral BLUE has the same problem
EASY CASH D’ALEX is the wrong age
RATHBRIDE PRINCE hard to like as a 3yo

January February March
Naas Handicap Hurdles
Any distance
Any Class
55 of these races
51 of these ran within 3 months
Horses with absences struggled

ROACHDALE HOUSE has 487 days off
As an exposed 8yo with topweight
He should have too much to do
LAKE MALAWI rejected absent 557 days
TRENCHTOWN ROCK has 131 days off
I’d oppose a horse that exposed with a break

PUNCHES PIOUS doesn’t look fit enough
LILCASH has raced just once since 2016
SKEAPING has raced just once since 2017
That was a poor race when pulling up
Looks to have too much on with topweight
CAPTAIN COURAGEOUS doesn’t offer enough
Not hammered at 66/1 in Maiden hurdles
WADE HARPER is a 9yo down half a mile
His recent numbers worryingly low
He was well beaten in last years race

LEAVE YOUR MARK has 4 runs
Last seen in a maiden hurdle 89 days ago

Naas Handicap Hurdles
Any distance or class
19 of these races
Horses from Novice or Maiden Hurdles
Have a modest 2-52 record
Both winners had shorter absences
LEAVE YOUR MARK is hardly safe

Handicap Hurdles
2m 2f or shorter
Any Course
Any Class

Horses from Maiden Hurdles
Under 7 lifetime starts
Running this season
Absent more than 8 weeks
Return a 0-24 record
Not a strong profile and lots of weight
He has 111st 10lbs here a mark of 107
His Racing Post Hurdle ratings all lower

SHE’S MADE IT is a mare
She is the only female in the race
She is also absent 65 days
Mares with under 14 runs
Absent more than 54 days
Have a 1-70 record in similar races
Those aged 6 or more were 0-56
There are safer profiles
But she has been well backed

EVISCERATING  is down in distance
Not established his best distance yet
But unexposed and in good hands
But clearly not the stable number 1
And a big weight adds to his doubts


THEREISNODOUBT won last time
That was a career best performance
Raised 11lbs for a 9 length victory
Still has enough to be shortlisted

EMPIRE BURLEQUE is a lightly raced 7yo
Placed last time having made the running
Top class stable and not overburdened here
Future chaser but can win over hurdles

CAPPUCCINO MAN is a lightly raced 8yo
I see nothing wrong with his profile
His numbers suggest he is well treated
Entitled to need his last run as well
Every chance this is his distance
Much of his recent career
Has been over longer distances
On bad ground when unfit or not staying

COMMANDANT pulled up last time
There was an excuse for that run
He had Unseated rider the day before
He was shaping very nicely beforehand
Top class stable and an absence
Means he could easily bounce back

GLENDAARS WARRIOR is bottomweight
Career best  Racing Post Rating of just 93
You can argue he may lack the class
But last time was a career best run
Staying on second in a big field handicap
He could be improving right now


£2.50 Each Way COMMANDANT 14/1 [2nd]

£2.50 Each Way GLENDAARS WARRIOR 14/1



Naas 4.10

13/8 Front View, 5/2 Barnes Des Mottes, 7/2 Zambezir
11/2 Special Brute, 7/1 My Uncas, 12/1 Jungle Junction,
20/1 Nero Rock, 40/1 Golden Treat, Lauderdale Lady,
40/1 Walking Fame, 50/1 Dreamy Leamy, Little Lady Lu,
50/1 No Grey Area’s, 66/1 Arizona Boy.

4yo Bumper

FRONT VIEW sets the standard
Reasonably debut behind a hot pot
Racing Post rating of 110 is acceptable

ZAMBEZIR ran a rating of 100 on debut
Whilst he achieved less than Front View
He does have more space between races

4yo Bumpers
February and March
Horses with 1 career starts

Those running within 24 days are 1-42
Those running 25-42 days ago are 8-39

Not sure how relevant this is
FRONT VIEW only has 16 days absence
Not a lot of time since his career debut
He fits into that modest 1-42 profile
I can’t risk him at a short price
Even if he is the most likely winner

ZAMBEZIR has 34 days off since his win
Horses absent 25-42 days scored better
There were 8 winners similar to him
So should we see this as a safer profile

This is not a two horse race
There are likeable newcomers
BARNES DES MOTTES appeals on paper
Comes here with a decent reputation
Going to split stake this bet


Small Stakes

£5 Win Bet BARNES DES MOTTES 5/2 [WON 4/1 SP]

£5 Place Bet ZAMBEZIR 4/5



Best Wishes

Guy Ward


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