What’s The Idea of the Bet Doctor Area?

What’s The Idea of the Bet Doctor Area?

Quite simply Bet Doctor is an area where we plan to solve your problems and answer your questions about betting on horses.

Each month we intend to answer here a user submitted question.

Who ever asks the question of the month will win a three month subscription to our private service at www.mathematician-betting.co.uk

What sort of questions do we want to answer here?

That’s down to you really.

As long as they relate to horse racing or betting that is cool by us.

Perhaps you want to know horse racing stats of some sort.

You may have a racing system theory you would like proved or disproved.

Perhaps you may want a deeper understanding of some aspect of the sport of racing.

It may be a more technical betting question.

Smart people ask questions to fill the gaps in their knowledge.

Dumb people, well they stay dumb and pretend they know everything already.

Don’t be a dummie.

Ask a good question and possibly win a great prize if your question is chose to be answered here.

Please send your questions to the webmaster email address you will find at the page below

Please title the email … Bet Doctor

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