Shock Horror – Tipster Tips Losers!

Tipster Tips Losers

I wrote a bit of a rant on our free newsletter
the other week.

I guess a lot of the hype marketers out there
may have been scratching their heads
at a racing site telling all its free members
that they did in fact tip losers.

Hype marketing school teaches
tipsters to just talk about winners
and nothing else ..yup?

No need to discuss net long term profits.
Instead just whack a picture of a Ferrari up there.
Perhaps a picture of a yacht as well to get any
gullible fool doubting Thomas over the line?

I hate all that tosh.

My own rough rule of thumb might be that
the higher degree of marketing hype
there is , the worse the end product will be.

We here much prefer a smaller number of clients
that will stick with the service longer term.

A client pre fed truth not pure hype
will be better positioned to succeed.

Plus it suits us just grand to dissuade
gold fish brained short term thinkers from joining.

Anyhow I stuck up the newsletter content
as a webpage mainly because it is reasonably timeless
decent advice. I hope that it might someday help sway
a current headless chicken to a future straighter line.

Here is the link

Tipster Tips Losers



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This post was written by Horse Betting Blog on August 19, 2016

Racing Bet Staking

Members Feedback on Staking of Racing Tips

This is a bit of feedback from a client we received this week.

I thought I would reproduce it here as it does raise

some interesting points.

Read More…

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This post was written by Horse Betting Blog on January 7, 2016

What’s The Idea of the Bet Doctor Area?

What’s The Idea of the Bet Doctor Area?

Quite simply Bet Doctor is an area where we plan to solve your problems and answer your questions about betting on horses.

Each month we intend to answer here a user submitted question.

Who ever asks the question of the month will win a three month subscription to our private service at

What sort of questions do we want to answer here?

That’s down to you really.

As long as they relate to horse racing or betting that is cool by us.

Perhaps you want to know horse racing stats of some sort.

You may have a racing system theory you would like proved or disproved.

Perhaps you may want a deeper understanding of some aspect of the sport of racing.

It may be a more technical betting question.

Smart people ask questions to fill the gaps in their knowledge.

Dumb people, well they stay dumb and pretend they know everything already.

Don’t be a dummie.

Ask a good question and possibly win a great prize if your question is chose to be answered here.

Please send your questions to the webmaster email address you will find at the page below

Please title the email … Bet Doctor

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