Barney Curley Inside Info

Barney Curley Hits Bookies For Millions

What a sting from Legendary Punter and owner
Barney Curley on Tuesday.

Four dark horses romped home in one day to land
one of the biggest betting coups of all time.

Irish Bookmaker Paddy Power claims to have lost £1 million
and moaned ..

There’s no doubt this is one of the
blackest days in the history of bookmaking.






With punters up and down the country
latching on to the gamble as they saw odds plummeting
the bookies took a right pasting.

The Irish Mirror puts the estimated total bookmaker loss
at 18.3 million Euro that’s about £15 million.

It is interesting to ponder what it would take to pull
off a similar sting yourself.

Capital is one of the biggest stumbling blocks.
Buying your own horses is not cheap.
Nor is training and maintaining them.
A huge amount of skill would be required
to buy horses that can be significantly improved
way beyond what they have shown on a race course before.
Keeping it all secret is also of course paramount.

We actually have one long term member here
who considers himself a bit of a Barney Curley.
But to much lower scale of one horse at a time.

It is a high capital game.
The reality is that even with well laid plans
on a horse you own there is still a lot that can
wrong on the day and one is never 100%
certain what other competitors really have
under their hood.

The name of the game for the owner punter is still
a matter of value edge and longer term thinking.



As punters you need to be wary of total scammers.
For as far back in time as I can remember
the old “I have Inside Info” line has been used to
part the gullible from their cash.

With Barney Curley’s antics hitting the mainstream as well as racing press
I foresee an increase in rouge scammer activity along those lines.

More so than anything else tipping wise turn your bull sh*t detector to
maximum sensitivity if approached with such stuff.




Guy here has many interesting contacts who feed him info at times.
Wizened and seasoned however he does not get overly excited by it.
More so just extra pieces to add to the jig saw of an individual race.

Well worth a read is the old page below where he explains the difference
between primary and secondary info.




Bookmakers are starting to turn their attention towards Cheltenham.
Such offers would have been unheard of a few years ago but Bet Victor
announced today that they are now non runner free bet on all Cheltenham races.
One of the biggest sickners in any post bet is when the horse pulls out,
does not even run and the bookie keeps your cash.
So fair play to Victor for removing such risk for punters early before Cheltenham.
Stakes are returned as a free bet.
They also give you a free bet of up to £25 if you open a new account with them.

Free IPad Air

Spreadex are offering new clients a free I PAd Air.

As you may expect to get £399 worth of high tech kit
posted to you there are a few hurdles you are expected to jump.

This particular offer is associated with their spreads section.

But worth noting that there also have a £100 double odds
new account offer for their more classic bookmaker section.

I confirmed with them this morning that any new client
can take both offers.

Worth a nosey if you do not have an account with them yet.
These links take you to the full terms fine print.

Sports Offer

FREE I Pad ( Spreads Offer )

Please do let me know if you get your free I PAd Air



Don’t forget our Saturday Day Pass is now open.

Guy said earlier..

Saturday’s message is shaping up very nicely and I expect
to cover most of Lingfield and Cheltenham
No account bet today. I expect that to change
on Saturday.

Here is the link

There are sample message links on that page
to help you judge the sort of thing we do here
if you have never seen it before.

Best of Luck over the weekend.

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