Lay Back Calculator

If you ever find yourself in the position of having taken a very good early price or ante post price on a horse, you may wish to consider laying some cash back on a betting exchange in order to prevent any possible loss.

Let’s say for example that your keen early eye led you to stake £50 at 20/1 ante post.

A few months later on the day of the race the going odds for your horse are 6/4 ( 2.5 decimal )

You can of course  just let your original bet stand and risk a loss of £50.

But the significant shift in odds does permit you to lay the same horse in order to totally remove the risk of any possible net loss.

This tool below will do the maths for you to calculate how much you will win after laying back some stake on the exchange.

The tool assumes the original bet has not been placed on the same exchange but at a normal bookmaker.





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This post was written by Horse Betting Blog on June 27, 2018

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