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We are entering the last month of the Flat season.  There is still plenty of racing left but we’ve broken the back of the year. In terms of the results I have updated them on the website for the season with every account bet and every selection there as well.

Account Bets

28 Bets – 10 Won – 3 Placed – 15 Lost – PROFIT  + 1854.25

Daily Selections

183 Bets -44 Won -12 Placed -127 Lost PROFIT +427.70

Think the account bets have done very well. Ignore the 3 that were placed with money back then 40% of account bets win and at big prices as well. That £1854 profit is very decent in 28 bets and the profit on turnover is excellent. In terms of the selections the £427 profit is based on £20 win or £10 each way so its bound to be less. Overall though they have not been too bad. There is Plenty of profit there in the 183 bets and it keeps things ticking over during the quiet spells. I would like to maybe get the account to the + £2500 point in the next month and also hit the £500 profit mark for the selections. Its been a good solid year with a Month to go and without any major problems along the way.

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