Who is This Tipster?

Guy Ward aka The Mathematician is a Horse Racing Tipster.

Unlike the majority of the breed Guy has long term happy clients who have profited from his horse racing advice for many years.

They keep coming back year after year.

He is renowned for detailed in depth messages that provide a great opportunity for those that want to learn about betting on horses to improve their own skills.

Guy has no magic wand.

He is not one for short cuts.

His success he puts down to many years of experience building up his deep knowledge of the intricacies of racing and to a daily long tedious routine of nose to the grindstone research of past statistics and racing form.

His claim to public fame came when an investigative reporter for The Guardian Newspaper joined his service for a year. After a years worth of monitoring the assessment he printed in the Sunday broadsheet was roughly along the lines of

The Mathematician’s daily email bulletins accrued £5,128.75 from its highlighted bets and delivered a master class in tactical, value betting throughout the year and a welter of profitable supplementary advice in addition to the recommendations I recorded.

Possibly not the scandal expose the reporter had been expecting to write at the start of his investigation but there you go… Working for a credible newspaper he could only report the truth.

This blog site is intended to be a location where you can view past samples of Guy’s horse racing analysis as given to his clients at www.Mathematician-Betting.co.uk

Additionally we plan to put up the odd piece of live advice, not always in the form of a simple tip but often bits and pieces of statistics and analysis relating to a live race.

Additionally we will have a Question and Answer Bet Doctor Area where you can submit racing and betting questions for Guy to answer on this blog.

Hopefully if you visit regularly you will learn something and your own horse race betting will improve.

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